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cali dream vacay 2018


      Every artist needs a muse.

     Have you ever noticed the blue, light, nature-ish vibe of the blog’s design and content (especially on the desktop version)? Does my dreamy focus on the simple beauties of life intrigue you? Thank my first ever artistic inspiration: the San Francisco Bay Area.

     The summers of 2015 and 2016, I interned in San Francisco. While I did not love the job, I fell in absolute love with the area of California. From the sparkly clean air to the stunning views to the free-spirited culture, my heart was stolen.

     I reluctantly, however, decided against moving there post-grad for stupid relationship reasons. This month, though, I reunited with my muse and left more inspired than ever before...

     Enjoy this list of some of my favorite activities in the San Francisco Bay Area of Cali, perfect for a getaway adventure in a dreamy, utopian paradise. 

my cousin on our hurried walk to the ferry

my cousin on our hurried walk to the ferry

1. Hiking up to Twin Peaks


This enormous mountaintop right in San Francisco offers the highest view within the city. It’s a great workout, and those endorphins hit just in time for the view! Don’t lose your glasses on the way up like me, though. 


2. Enjoying Lake Merritt



This poppin’ area of Oakland right near downtown is second to none. Oakland has some of the most beautiful people in the world. After walking around this huge lake, lay back on the grass and enjoy a legal joint. The views are beautiful, both of melanin-filled people and the hills.


3. Hanging at Dolores Park



This one is sacred to me.. THE Dolores Park. This elevated park within the city serves as the most popular hanging spot with a view in the city. I’ve had all too many insane, cloudy experiences here. Did you hear my 21st birthday story? This is where the story I told in an 8-minute Snapchat story 2 years ago went down.



4. Taking the Ferry to Sausalito


I just love the water. I’m a water sign (a cancer), so taking the ferry to Sausalito is always a favorite for me. The blue ocean breeze against your face while riding off to a European-like coastal city is blissful. Sausalito is like a beautiful piece of Italy right around the bend from San Francisco. You can bike the coast or get some over-priced food or something!


5. Hiking to the Top of Grizzly Peak

This peak gives you the most stunning East Bay views of the entire Bay Area.


6. Hanging at Yerba Buena

This park right in the heart of the Financial District sits right next to the SF MOMA museum and is an arts/performance hub itself. Random fact: in 2015, I saved a man’s life there on my lunch break. Reasons to eat lunch outside!

7. Golden Gate Park/Bridge


Rent skates and then skate at the outdoor, funky roller rink at Golden Gate Park. Just do it. And then go hike/bike/ride across the Golden Gate Bridge.


8. Engaging with the Locals



People in the Bay Area are the nicest, most liberal people that exist. I meet people every single day that I’m there, and each interaction is better than the last. Connect with people and enjoy the good vibes. It’s the Cali way. And everyone is friendly.


9. Hiking in Marin County

Marin County is what the Golden Gate Bridge connects to San Francisco. Hike there, and thank yourself later for the oceanside/bayside/Golden Gate-side views. All those sides and more.


10. Eating a Unique Burrito

Sushi burritos? Jamaican jerk chicken burritos? Indian chicken tikka masala burritos? I’ve had those all in the Bay Area and much more. Get you a good burrito.

11. Hiking Through Random Neighborhoods in the City


San Francisco is so different and interesting. Because the city and everything in it is built directly into the naturally peculiar geography, the city looks like a funhouse. The steep streets and trippy dimensions make for a cartoon-like experience.


12. Eating In-N-Out Burger




13. Enjoying the Greenery


Marijuana is legal there. If you’re into that, go to a dispensary and get some supplies to have fun!


14. Buying an Inspired Souvenir


Some would say my first ever San Francisco souvenir changed my life. That journal, although I never wrote in it until several months later, represented my first artistically expressive experience. And that changed everything for me. ALWAYS leave vacations more inspired than you came!


15. Watching Sunrise & Sunset


Go to either a mountaintop or coast for a great view, and watch the sun rise or set. Enjoy your life— your best life. The air in the Bay Area is as clean and pure as it gets. The simple act of taking a breath feels beautiful, let alone everything else. Feel gratitude. Live simply.