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CONSISTENT entrepreneurship + full-time work

     For the past 5+ months, I have balanced my full-time job with creative entrepreneurship. From 9-5:30, I’m a Financial Analyst for Ralph Lauren. The rest of the time, I’m a blogger and YouTuber. Matter of fact, I wrote this entire post on my subway commute to work this morning.

     People always ask me how I manage to make time to remain so consistent with my creative entrepreneurship, as I release multiple posts every single week. I would lie and say it’s not easy, but I believe that it is. I believe that the simple tips outlined in this post can help you easily achieve consistency in your entrepreneurial endeavors, despite the time constrainment of full-time work.


1. Making entrepreneurship as important as drinking water

This is the first step to achieving consistency. Successful entrepreneurship requires incredible dedication. Would you let adversity or lack of motivation cause you to stop drinking water for weeks? No. Because you want to stay alive. And if you want your business to succeed, consistent nutrients are required.


Continuously water your business’s garden, even on days when the plants aren’t getting enough sun; even on those days when you don’t feel like using your free time on entrepreneurship. When your business’s work and mission are as important to you as drinking water, consistency will feel as natural as life. Whether it’s your subway commute or the 30 minutes between dinner and TV, you will make the time because your business will become a part of you— just as water makes up 70% of you.


2. Optimizing use of your time

The sad fact is, working a 40+ hour work week significantly decreases time you could dedicate to entrepreneurship. No matter how many creative plans you brainstorm, you simply won’t have time to do everything you want to do in the timeframe in which you want to do it. Right now, I’m working on the blog, YouTube, scripts, books, etc., and it really frustrates me sometimes that it feels impossible to make enough time for my longer-term projects.

The beauty in this, however, is that consistency does not require you to achieve everything at once; it just requires you to take steps forward each week. Think strategically about the short-term actions that will produce maximal impact, and devote your energy towards those. If you saw my notebook, you’d see just how many blog and YouTube ideas I’ve brainstormed that have never gotten to come to fruition. And you would see that I’ve been having to sacrifice book/script time in order to stay consistent on the blog and YouTube channel. But that’s okay, because the immense impact that each creative post has had on my audience fuels me to keep going; I have learned to trust in the process and trust in my decision-making skills. 


3. Feeding off of love

Some days, you simply won’t be feeling it. You’ll feel lazy, or unmotivated, or like you just don’t feel like doing the work necessary to get where you want to be. You’ll feel like it’s all just hopeless, for whatever reason(s).

On those toughest days, let any bit of love re-fuel your soul. It can be a time when people showed love regarding your business, or it can even be you extending love to others. The dope thing about love is that no matter the source, if you internalize it and allow it to work it’s magic and improve your mood, you can then direct that love and joy to every area of your life. Love is the best medicine. Something as simple as appreciating someone holding a door open for you can be enough loving energy to inspire your to keep creating your dream legacy each week. Sometimes, love is truly all we’ve got.


4. Having fun

It’s simple. You started this entrepreneurial journey because you LOVE what you are doing,  you are PASSIONATE about it, and you have FUN doing it. Would you do what you’re doing for free? Are you voluntarily doing it for free right now? If so, make sure you never lose sight of that.

We’ve all only got so much time to live. We all really just want to enjoy ourselves, when it comes down to it. Odds are, if you’ve taken the leap of starting a business, the work excites the little kid inside of you. Don’t complicate it. Have fun. And each day you wake up, your soul will constantly crave more fun, so you will consistently seek it out through your entrepreneurship. Have fun, and your “success” will come. Or maybe, enjoying yourself wholeheartedly is the highest level of success there is. After all, don’t we all just want to feel happiness in the moment?