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creating time (trilogy part 1)

   part 1

     In the year 3030, the world was much different; humans could create time.


     Time creation served as dreamers’ best tool with which to build their God-given visions. Everyone had access to this superpower, yet not all understood it enough to tap into its genius.

     During this time, there lived a young man—Philayee. This young, black man fell right into the pile of so many people that hadn't tapped into the time creation superpower. He thought of himself as a slave of time and life; powerless.


     When it came to his closeted gay sexuality, Philayee hated to think of time. He would think of all the years of living his truth that he had already lost. He cried thinking of his time on Earth coming to an end before he got a chance to experience love or anything else with another man. He feared wasting all of his time trying to avoid ridicule from others rather than living the life God had destined for him.

     In efforts to avoid these miserable fates, Philayee turned to something so powerful that it could distort the time in which one lived: lies. He did everything he could to convince himself that he could convert himself into heterosexuality. He would jump into serious relationships with girls and try to picture his life married to them. He used these lies to help keep himself afloat; to convince himself that he was actually living.

     There came a day 19 years into his life, however, when Philayee realized that he feared dying before living his truth so much because parts of him were already dead. He had killed his sexuality with the poison of self-hate, and it got to a point where he desperately needed revival. He was caught in a cycle of despair and hopelessness. His soul felt so empty that he had no choice but to begin pouring back into it with truth if he wanted a chance of ever feeling alive during his time on Earth.


     Just when he thought things were hopeless, it happened. He suddenly gained the strength from God to start creating time; Philayee discovered his superpower. He sent a text to his mom, coming out as bisexual despite his homosexuality, and there it began. He pushed past his fears to begin creating the free life of his dreams in real-time. Putting his trust in God and the power of the truth, Philayee boldly initiated the creation of a life free of self-hate and shame. He now knew that using the truth as his foundation, he held the tools necessary to build his future, rather than lie victim to it. Time creation became his drug, and it had been available to him all along.


      Regardless of in which eras humans have recognized this concept as a superpower or not, time creation has always existed. This story occurred not only in 3030, but many times before and after that as well. Time just cycles on and on. The clocks keep turning 'round and 'round. What you must decide is what cycles you would like to both start and break today. You dictate what clocks you set. When you set your clock in accordance with the hand measurements that God illustrates through your passions and dreams, you begin to tap into your superpower and create the life of your dreams. Break that cycle, start a new one, and learn to love the art of creating time.       


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