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using your degree creatively


     In middle school, I had a gum-selling business. I was serious about selling that nasty ass Juicy Fruit. I even bought myself 2 game systems with the profit. 

      In high school, a Video Productions class that I took remains the coolest class I’ve ever taken. Appearing in and helping produce my high school’s news/tv show was like my heaven.

      Junior year of college, I took an Advanced Presentations class. From my enjoyment of public speaking and delivering impactful messages, I realized how much I’d love to speak and inspire people with my insightful private thoughts. 

     Senior year of college, I worked as the Finance Chair for a runway fashion organization and loved it. This was my favorite work experience ever (now replaced by Ralph Lauren). 


     Creative business. Creative production. Inspiration. Fashion. I graduated with a degree in Business Administration, yet my current job and entrepreneurship endeavors incorporate all 4 of these passionate pieces (among others) to my inner-puzzle. 



     While you may have amazing degrees, please never forget that you’re a dynamic human. Your major in college was great, but can you really say all of your passions are housed within that degree? Are all corners of your soul satisfied, or are you focusing on certain ones and ignoring others? 



     Think hard. Actually, think with no effort at all. Take a moment to simply breathe and exist. Now answer these questions for yourself: 

-What comes to my mind when I think of the word “fun”?

-What are my favorite childhood memories? 

-What common things pop up in my thoughts everyday? 

-What would I do for absolutely free?



     The road to connecting all of the dots is hard. You feel afraid of having to compete. You feel afraid of not being able to combine passion with sufficient income. You have so many different passions that finding ways to fulfill them all feels impossible.

     Stop running from complexity. I used to do this constantly, up until just months ago. I would think of safe routes that “made sense” for me to take. I was more practical than imaginative.

     Your true happiness lies somewhere between your wildest dreams and God’s infinite power. Pursue ALL of the things that set your soul on fire, and God will do the rest to help you create a life even more magnificent than you imagined.  Don’t let 4+ valuable years of learning discourage you from taking risks and embracing your inner-student your whole life. You are a student, and the subject is you.