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deja vu

Is deja vu an involuntary phenomenon, or do we unknowingly create it ourselves?

August 11, 2017

     We ride across the Williamsburg Bridge, entering Manhattan in an Uber to the club. Up in the passenger seat, my inebriated eyes wander freely into the mesmerizing lights of the city skyline, taking my mind to images all-too-familiar. An overpowering feeling takes over my mind: have I dreamt this dream before?

     I try to tell my friends how this picturesque scene is blowing my mind, but they don’t quite get it. They love the view, but it’s not hitting the same chords in them. It’s then that I realize where I know this dream from: I dreamed this scene incessantly as a child.

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     Movies and TV shows are powerful forces; they subconsciously submerge you into unique, personal dreams. Each movie or show that you watch is merely a component of your own dream.  Thus, your mind automatically processes and interprets each production in accordance with your thoughts and feelings regarding your own dream.

     All of my life, New York City flew across screens as many productions’ muse. My mind processed the images I saw on screen, and projected dreams of my own into my mind, dreams that aligned with my soul’s innermost desires. I dreamed of moving to the most exciting city in the world for my 20’s. I dreamed of living in the city where there are so many people that I am but a speck, a speck free to find himself and live freely. I dreamed of long cab rides and limitless adventures through the night. I dreamed of being young and happy in New York City.

     Somewhere along the road, I lost sight of the dream. I got caught up in being different than the large number of people from University of Michigan who funneled straight to NYC. I even interned in San Francisco for 2 summers and decided that I was fervently anti-New York. I tried with everything in me to abandon the dream, yet here I am- 22 and living happily in New York City.

     I hope you never lose sight of your dreams. I hope that the images remain in high-definition at the forefront of your mind. Thankfully, though, you can’t ever escape your most special dreams even if you try, because these dreams radiate from your soul. You can try to use your mind to put out your soul’s flames, but the fire will never stop burning. If your soul is on fire for it, then get ready to live that dream that you’ve dreamt time and time again. And know that the deja vu won’t hit you by coincidence; with the help of God, you laid your paintbrush all over it.