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Dre Ray

     You might fail. Yes, that’s right. You could put every single day towards your deepest passions and talents, and still never reach that big break you’re working towards. Are you willing to take that risk? Are you crazy enough to work relentlessly towards your wildest dreams, knowing that you may not reach the promised land that you’ve envisioned?


     Andre Ray is. Ever since his teenage years, Dre has dreamed of making it big in film production. Anyone can dream though; what makes him special is his unstoppable work ethic. For the past 5+ years, Dre has created meaningful film, television and digital video content. Using money from his own pocket, he has worked tirelessly on these projects, all while helping run Paris Films-- his production company.


     Through these years of producing creative content, this black entrepreneur in his mid 20’s just recently began to feel it paying off. In 2017, Paris Films won the Detroit Film Challenge, appeared live on Fox 2 Detroit News and ABC News, had one of its films selected for the 2017 New York Latino Film Festival, and just got done tearing it up at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. I couldn’t help but be jealous when he posted a video of him dancing with Issa Rae at Sundance. While Dre is humbly excited about the progress towards his dreams, though, even more valuable has been the wisdom along his journey.


     When you see celebrities and other wildly successful individuals, all that you get to see is the flashy end result. What we don’t see on social media and television, however, are the years of patience and perseverance. They fought through years and tears while developing their craft, building up portfolios of work, and waiting to feel that they finally made it. It takes courage to keep pushing forward through extensive and constant trials, and Dre Ray has shown himself to be among the bravest.


     The real secret, though, is that you never have to reach some "big break" to truly be successful. Along his journey thus far, Andre has learned that the person you become during the journey is oftentimes even more valuable than the success you’re seeking. You could win a Grammy, yet still feel unsatisfied and lack inner-peace. We all only have one life to live. While leaving a legacy of awards and recognition is great, a lifetime of happiness and gratitude is the ultimate Heaven on Earth. As dreamers, we tend to live in the depths of our minds and imaginations. The beauty and results come when you eliminate all conflict between your mind and imagination, and let yourself feel all of the beauty and love present within your experiences.

     Dre Ray is continuously leveling up. Most notably, his character and way of viewing his dreams has innovated over the course of his path. Dre and Paris Films are already picking up momentum, and with the immeasurable dedication he's shown, not even the sky could limit him.

Instagram: @realdreray

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