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entry-level job searching

    You’re on going tf IN. These jobs are starting to look EXACTLY like what you want to do.

     You to you: “Ooo a Marketing Associate for a media brand. And it says entry-level. This is the one!!”

*Clicks job posting and starts reading*

     Also you to you: “3-5 years of experience?! First of all, I havent even graduated yet.  How the hell? What about my 2-4 month internship last summer? Does that count?”


     Being entry-level is hard— the W.O.A.T. honestly. Application qualifications make you feel like you need to be middle-aged with a spouse and kids to even break into the workforce.

     I learned some extremely valuable lessons from 3 months of faith-testing entry-level job applications in New York City last year. I believe the following 4 tips can help you redirect your mind to concoct dream lemonade.


1. Taking that risk

Don’t be afraid of that dream job with 2 more years of experience than you have. Sure, the odds are not heavily in your favor. But you never know where that application could lead.

Last year, I applied for a job at Macy’s that I knew I was not qualified for. While they told me they could not consider me for that position, they interviewed me for a couple others and I ultimately received an offer. If a particular role or company really sparks your passions, walk that path. Your passions will lead you to your purpose in surprising ways.

2. Expecting and preparing for a long wait

Arguably the biggest lesson I learned during my strenuous job search was to stop asking God to bless me on my preferred timeline. I literally stopped including any aspect of time in my prayers because it’s useless.


You will experience tough times in your life and you will experience great times. If you’re going through a struggle, know and wholeheartedly believe that you will be lifted out of it eventually.  Once you truly believe in the inevitable beauty of life, you’ll enjoy even the times of “waiting”.

3. Focusing on finding your one-of-a-kind value

You’re at a transitional point in life; you’re considering a new job. Before you dive into your exciting new life, take a step back to confirm that the life you create for yourself will be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. What makes your heart race? What do you love to do? What occupies your thoughts most of each day?


Answering these questions will give you clarity. Clarity of what you want, need and bring to the table. Clarity will point you more precisely towards your passions, purpose and dream path. When you’re in an interview for a job that satisfies every corner of your soul, the interviewer will feel that and hire you. They care more about who you are than your statistics. All you need is for 1 out of the 40 companies to let you come in and speak.

4. Realizing your blessings

You being born was unlikely; that didn’t stop you though, right? I know it seems like there’s no way you can beat the odds and defeat those applicants with more experience than you, but you beat the odds just by being born.


Think back to all of the unexplainable blessings you’ve received ever since being conceived... Damn, you haven’t thought about some of those memories/blessings in a while, huh? Luckily for you, your next miraculous blessing is coming. You don’t have any damn experience, but you’re about to get a lit job!