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featured dreamers- intro

      Welcome to the dream worlds of Philayee’s Featured Dreamers!

      The purpose of Philayee’s World is using creative expression to inspire. I am certainly not the only dreamer whose perspective and experiences have the ability to inspire. We all have dreams, so the only differences are in the varying ways in which we each tap into ours.

      This Featured Dreams section will provide tele-portals into the dreams of many unique dreamers. They will come from all geographic locations, walks of life, and dreams. Each post will be different, as each individual brings his/her own special gifts. Some will be written by me, yet others will not. While some will be one-time posts and others will be recurring features, each feature post will provide unique perspectives and insights into the world of lucid dreaming.


      Buckle up! We’re taking a trip to some beautiful dream worlds.