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flawed blueprints (trilogy part 2)

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Year 3030   

     Once Philayee began creating time and came out to his mom, the superpower sent him on a roll. A couple weeks later, he came out to his sisters. All positive reactions. Just one month later, he met a guy that he really liked. His initial time creation acts were evidently creating the life of his dreams already.


     Philayee and Roger met on Instagram, and the next day they hung out for 4 nighttime hours in the forest. The vibes felt magical, but there was just one problem: in 1 week, Philayee would be leaving for the rest of the summer to study abroad in Costa Rica and then intern in San Francisco. This meant 4 months apart from his new obsession.


     They wanted to merge their dream worlds to make one. This simply left two choices: take things slowly and wait until they were both in Michigan again to potentially get together, or take the leap immediately.

     Because of his immediate connection with Roger, Philayee created a fantasy in his head of a dream life with him. He loved that fantasy dream, so he used time creation to initiate a spontaneous relationship with his new lover. Un-announced or discussed, Philayee and Roger simultaneously cut off everyone on their rosters and BOOM. Just like that, without ever formally asking each other, they became boyfriends their first day hanging together. Philayee set this clock in record time.


     The cause for alarm regarding this time created, however, was its base. The key to time creation is the truth as foundation. Philayee’s relationship that he created with Roger, however, was built off of lies and omissions from both ends, as there had been no time to get to know each other’s truths. Philayee’s fantasy dream in his head was perfect, but he fell so in love with his fantasy that he neglected to address the reality of the situation.

     The honeymoon phase felt somewhat like Heaven. But once that passed, it all changed. They seemed to be caught in a vicious cycle that would not end. Despite a part of Philayee knowing that they were not the people for each other, he continued to drill lies so deeply into himself that he couldn’t even decipher real from fake. When their dream worlds merged as one, the lies they used to build the foundation polluted their planet; toxic climate change threatened their survival.


     Fast forward 2 years to 3032, and the truth caught up with them. Swept up in the moment, Philayee had hastily created improperly-constructed time; however as always, the truth eventually prevailed and cured their planets upon scission.

     Slow down. We all have God’s soul within us, so we have an innate knowledge of the truth. Sometimes, however, God unfolds those truths to us slowly and gradually. That waiting period can be frustrating, causing impatience. Impatience, though, devoids the superpower. You can try to rush and create time on your own terms, but without God’s prescribed hand positions on that clock you set, the time you created will become an entrapping force. Your rushed time will threaten your well-being, inside and out.


     One day, however, the incorrectly-set clock will always miraculously fall back into tune with God’s clock blueprints. He will help you end that self-imprisoned time that you created. The question is, at what point does the cycle quit revolving?


coming soon: part 3 of the trilogy