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dreaming lucidly

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     Drift calmly into sleep. Then let your mind gently float from your own dream world, into mine: Philayee’s World. In this lucid dream, you will find your mind floating on Planet Philayee. This planet sits peacefully among the stars and all others’ lovely dream worlds.

     As your mind and soul melt into this dream, begin opening your mind, cleansing yourself of all negative energy. Gear yourself up for a worthwhile adventure. Your journey in Philayee’s World will be full of faith-testing valleys, beautiful mountaintops, and all of the landscapes in between.

     You will immediately realize that within Planet Philayee’s atmosphere, there is no gravity. Here on this planet, that does not mean gravity in the physical sense, because Philayee knows that his life is a product of his soul and mind, not of physical things. Your mind will experience the limitlessness that it is.

     Without gravity, your mind and soul float among the clouds and beautiful blue sky, free to align as one. Without gravity, you experience no limits to the love and joy available to you. From high in the air, your soul will look out at all of the natural beauty and also the hardships found throughout Planet Philayee. Enjoy all that this unique view has to offer, and prepare to learn the art of lucid dreaming while you’re awake.

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