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the olympic games (part 5)



August, 2017

     I laid in bed with the lights off, in almost complete darkness. Suddenly, my mind teleported to a scary dream from my childhood.

     As I’d lay in my room at night staring into the distance, my mind would distort reality to make the room look huge, sometimes larger than a whole planet. You would have thought my parents were putting weed in the butter at dinner. I would panic, feeling that I was losing control and drifting away from reality.

     Now over a decade later, when this deja vu of unsolved dream mysteries hit, the answers all became clear to me. But let me rewind.


     The day that I got to New York in July, I had begun reading The Secret. It lays out very powerful keys to creating one’s happiest existence with his mind and soul. The book inspired me to get more in touch with my own power within.


      Since a crushing rib injury had rendered me unable to work out anyway, I decided to institute daily mental workouts. I combined some key principles to create a dream workout plan with 3 ingredients: gratitude, visualization, and love. The workouts were essentially highly-structured prayers.

     I got so serious about these mental workouts that they quickly applied to every area of my life. I even put them to the test with the new guy that I liked. I got so caught up in proving the principles correct that I didn’t realize I had taken it too far until he asked me to be his boyfriend. I had fallen so in love with the journey to the promised land that I'd misinterpreted my feelings and created a casualty in the process.

     Despite my error in the application of lessons in the romance category, my dedication to strengthening my mind fared much better in the job search journey; thinking my life into existence became my full-time job. When starting a business or professional venture, it’s easy to feel powerless until news of success comes. The only way to reach your most unimaginable success, however, is to recognize the innate power that you possess to help concoct miracles during life's many waits.


     With August almost over and Macy’s making me wait so long in between interviews, time was running out. I needed paychecks by October for rent, so my worried mom began to prepare me for failure. She warned me that my first job may not be one that I enjoy and suggested that I broaden my search, which infuriated me. I had given up my entire Master’s program to spend the year doing what I love instead. My whole life had become about creating my dream life with my mind, yet this motherly advice made my mind doubt everything about my future. Hurt and scared, I shot back wild accusations of her caring more about how my failure would affect her than my actual happiness.

     That could not have been further from the truth, though. Our loved ones truly want the best for us. When it comes to our dreams; however, they fear us failing just as much as we do, if not more. The scariest part of their words is that they are just mirrors of our inner scared child. True inner power comes from loving them for their words of advice, while also remaining relentless in the pursuit of your visions. They haven’t gotten to know every little part of your mind or its power, so I hope that you have.

      Later that night, as I laid in my room searching for answers, my mind teleported into that childhood dream. I realized that my trippy visualizations in the dark represented my mind’s boundless abilities. These gave me such fear as a child because I could not fathom the fact that my mind could create whatever reality my soul painted pictures of. I had always wanted to keep my ADHD-crazed mind contained and assumed that I had no control over what happened in my life. Now, though, I realized that the true magic begins when you tap into your mind’s infinite abilities to help create these God-inspired realities. I now knew that no obstacle nor odds could stand in the way of my Olympic gold; I held my destiny in my own mind.

  To be continued..