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philayee's world

     Philayee's World is a dream world, a creative piece of art meant to inspire others to take the bold steps necessary to live their most fulfilled lives. My name is Philip Johnson. I am a black, 22 year old man from Detroit, Michigan. I graduated from the University of Michigan in 2017 and now live in New York City, working as a Financial Analyst for Ralph Lauren. Philayee's World is based off of my own life.

     I have experienced many lows and highs over the course of my life. On the outside, it can appear that I'm cool and calm to others who don't know me well, and many times I am. But my hyper-active mind oftentimes drives me insane, so the true madness goes on in my head, when no one is looking. 

     After some turbulent months, this spring of 2017, life put my back against the wall. My only choice was to grow and move forward, so I set out on a flight through my mind and soul. By the Fall, I was amazed at what I'd found. 

     Philayee's World is my artistic illustration of this world that my mind and soul live in; it is a depiction of my dreamThrough the stories and lessons gradually unraveled through this blog, I hope to touch the hearts of those who in some way find relation to my experiences. I strive to spread love and inspiration to as many people as I can while I have the chance in this world.

     Additionally, Philayee's World is a platform through which other dreamers can spread their light and love, through the 'featured dreamers' section. There are no bounds to the creative and collaborative opportunities in Philayee's World.

     Enjoy the blog, and open your heart up to receive its love!  And stay tuned for my upcoming books and other creative productions!