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Sa’Ku Floyd

Enter the world of an unapologetic dreamer: Sa'Ku Floyd.

     Ask anyone who knows Sa’Ku about him and they will all likely tell you a variation of the same thing: he does what he wants. Ever since I met him freshman year of college, Sa'Ku has been uncompromising in doing what he loves. Whether that’s walking around with a traffic cone over his upper body or taking his alone time away from civilization, he apologizes for none of his life choices. His refusal to let others’ opinions impact his focus on anything he loves serves as constant inspiration for me, since I oftentimes don't feel as self-assured as he does.

     This spring, I moved into Sa’Ku’s apartment. The day I moved in, I found out that he had decided against having Wi-fi in his apartment. Sa’Ku likes to live off the grid because then humans can’t get in his way of doing what he loves to do. He avoids social media and most people in order to live his happiest peace.

     When I moved in, he had been teaching himself to play the guitar and finally convinced me to let him teach me. We went from struggling through playing famous songs to struggling through writing and playing our own songs inspired by fictional dreams in our heads. Him getting me to begin artistically expressing myself turned my life around in ways that he probably doesn’t even completely realize. I wouldn’t even be writing this post right now if it weren’t for him embracing the dreamer in himself long before I learned to embrace mine.

     Not having my guitar these past 4+ months since moving to New York, I hardly remembered any of the chords he taught me. Hence, why I’m not playing the guitar in this video. Nevertheless, I still struggled through the vocals and had a great time doing it. This is what hanging with Sa’Ku is like. No matter how foolish whatever we’re doing looks, we forge weird paths filled with things we love to do and find humor in our imperfection and struggle. He embraces the unknown through limitless love of everything he does in the present, and that inspires the hell out of me every day of our friendship.

     Playing multiple instruments is just one of Sa’Ku’s many loved activities that he fills his time with. His dedication to loving everything that he does in the present represents a key to mastering lucid dreaming. Seek love and joy in every single thing you do, because walking that path lit by your soul’s light gradually pulls your most powerful dreams right into your present. This guy has no limits. Despite his reclusive tendencies, you definitely have not seen the last of him; he's just getting started.